Bill Monitoring

Here is a device that directly lets you monitor your bill and monitor your electricity usage through interactive dashboards, charts etc.

Time based usage

This tool helps view your energy consumption based on per hour basis thus helping you keep a track of the actual usage pf electricity from time to time.


It helps forecast your energy usage and thus helps tally the actual usage as per the predicted use of power. This helps iron out any discrepancies with a comparison in the predicted usage against the actual usage in the bill.


The best possible way to keep a track of the authenticity of electricity usage is to be able to have an Energy Audit of Appliances. PowerGuru assist you to do that.


One of the very crucial aspects so the tool is that there are alerts sent on unexceptional usage and threshold limit breached thus acting on time.


The tool also facilitates a daily, weekly and monthly analysis of the usage of electricity and the appliances.


The tool also has some cool tips to provide in order to minimize energy usage

Backup Energy

It also has a DG I.e. Generator usage analysis

We at Harinvash Consulting have taken it upon ourselves to create solutions that will help create better future for India. The right use of energy, such as electricity is the best way to ensure that we have enough for our future generations and that we don; run out of these valuable resources. The best possible usage of energy today comes with saving as much as possible and using only that much which is required.Today, as we stand on the threshold of dwindling natural resources that are being over-utilized, solutions such as PowerGuru come in at the right time to facilitate the right usage of electricity without wastage.
Why pay extra money for electricity that has not beingconsumed? Faulty bills that have not been through the scanner of authentic and systematic tools such as PowerGuru, are making consumers bear expenses for electricity that has not even been used by them. It is time for a tool that delivers the authentic readings that can help save money.
PowerGuru enables you to not just save your money and energy, in fact it makes you a part of a bigger cause; one that allows you to light up homes of those who deserve it equally. The PowerGuru web application tool of Harivansh Consulting not only helps save your money, but every unit of electricity saved by you can help bring light into the lives of those who have never been able see through the dark doors of their homes . This tool clearly makes way for a brightly lit future for those who have had no chance at seeing their homes light up with electricity for generations. Every urban household can save and facilitate electricity for rural India through this web tool.

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